Dark .. Light .. Dark .. Light ..
           Just things about thats both ..
                              Dark and Light ..

I can felt darkness ..
        when, I can't saw your eyes
                  I can't saw your charming smile
                  I can't hear your voice
                  I can't felt you
    every time, every day,
         all I saw became dark, became empty
                If you not beside me ..
one minute can became one day ..
      one day can became one week ..
            one week can became one month ..
                  one month can became one year ..
and one year can became all time of my life ..
      just because you not beside me

You know what the time who can make my life became light ..
        when, I saw you
                  I hear your smile
                  I saw your voice
     you must be confused
                  hear your smile ?
                  saw your voice ?
I can be crazy if I explain all about you ..
                                    I have no word
                             Just have things about you in my brain

thank you my dearest sunny light

tertanda kertas terindah 27 September 2012

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